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"Coaching helps you to take responsibility for your life, let go of what others think and become your true self. It's about you creating the life that you want and deserve." 

-  Emma-Louise Elsey

There are various tools, exercises and techniques I used to help me step into my new beginning. Through my coaching, I will help you implement self-reflection and journaling practices, cognitive restructuring techniques, and therapeutic techniques that will help you overcome the struggles you are facing. 

I do this all through guided discovery and holding a safe space for you in each present moment.


My hope in working with you is that we get you to a place where you feel ready to take on alife you dream of and thrive in your new beginnings. That you find that acceptance and respect for yourself to know that you can turn your painful experiences into your new beginnings. 

Through working with me, you will leave behind that lack of clarity of who you are, searching for completion and assurance from others, feeling of disconnect with yourself, fearing judgment from others, feeling overwhelmed by your limiting beliefs and struggling to communicate what you want. I will help you discover your purpose and create happiness, confidence and acceptance within yourself to get your needs met. I will help you transform from being defined by your trauma to leading a life for yourself. I will help you create a balance in your life and eliminate overwhelm, stress and burnout. I will help you let go of being a part of someone else’s narrative to being the lead author of your own life.


Choose What Works for You

Everyone that seeks coaching has different needs and different goals. In coaching, we focus solely on what is important to you. My coaching approach also includes a focus on health and wellbeing to attain and maintain sustainable progress appropriate to your life and the challenges you may be facing. Each of the packages I offer includes work in this area, as well as being customised to your personal situation.


It takes time to manifest impactful change; how long the process takes is dependent on the goal and the person trying to reach it.  In order to accommodate for the varying levels of exploration and commitment, I offer my clients several coaching packages below. 



3 packages. 4 levels of commitment. You choose. 


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