Copy of Online Workshop_ Stress Manageme


Thursday 5th November 2020

Join Rebecca Kimberley for a 90-minute interactive, live stress management workshop.


Get clarity on how to better manage your stress and wellbeing when you 'don't have the time'.​ 

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Online Workshop_ Overcoming Low Self-Est


Thursday 3rd December 2020

Join Rebecca Kimberley for a 90-minute interactive workshop on low self-esteem and cultivating self-kindness.


Learn how to start breaking free from low self-esteem and low confidence and how to cultivate a kinder, loving relationship with yourself.​ 

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Thursday 21st May 2020

Rebecca hosted an interactive goal-setting workshop webinar to help guests realign with their visions for 2020, amidst unprecedented times. 


The workshop focused on science-based practices behind effective goal setting, the importance of Psychology and using our emotions to facilitate the goal-setting process and exploring methods to increase chances of successful goal attainment.


Friday 17th April 2020

Rebecca hosted a webinar on 'How To Give Yourself Permission to Overcome Self-Sabotage & Get Out of Your Own Way'.


'The Fearless' was a full day to provide inspiration, insight & hope to people who want insight, information & inspiration towards the goals & dreams that are still possible with a bit of fearlessness.


Sunday 5th January 2020

Rebecca hosted her first event 'Create Your 2020 Vision', in January 2020, which sold out.


Create Your 2020 Vision was a creative and interactive workshops where guests created their own vision boards to take home and manifest the life they wanted to create for themselves in 2020 and beyond.


"Prior to the event, I felt very demotivated, lost and a bit meh. Reviewing 2019 and connecting with 2020 at your event gave me the positivity I had been looking for."

"It was more than just simply making a vision board. It was inspiring and well structured!"

"I wasn’t sure what to expect but I left feeling empowered, happy and excited about the future"

"It met and exceeded my expectations! It’s nice to be in a room of people who also want to better themselves and make a change." 


"It was the first time I created a vision board or had actually sat down to review a prior year and set goals for the following year. With the help of this, I am fully on my way to achieving goals in a timely fashion and reminding myself every morning what it is I’ve signed up for 2020 and beyond!"


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I have delivered many psycho-educational workshops and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy group interventions on various topics, such as:

  • Overcoming Depression & Low Mood

  • Managing Stress & Worry

  • Building Low Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

  • Effective Goal Setting

  • Building Self-Compassion

  • Improving Emotional Wellbeing

  • Developing a Self-Care Routine

  • Discovering your Personal Values

  • Journalling for Wellbeing

  • Reconnecting with your Core Strengths

I have also spoken about my own past experiences with bullying and lived experience of mental health issues, having therapy and my own personal development journey.