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  • Where does Coaching take place?
    I offer coaching to clients anywhere in the world, so your sessions are available over the phone, via Skype and in person. In person sessions are typically held at different venues in London. Please get in touch if you'd like to arrange for in-person Coaching outside of London to discuss travel arrangements.
  • How do I apply to work with you?
    Before committing to an experience, I offer a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call. This will give us a chance to: - Get to know eachother and find out if we are the right match. - To understand what you would like to gain from coaching. - To answer any questions you might have. After the call, you can then decide to book a package, think about it or decide that it's not for you currently. Your personal development is an investment in time, energy and money, so I believe that it is important that you choose a coach that is right for you. I am committed to offering the best value to my clients, so I will always be honest with you if I feel that there would be a more sutiable coach or approach. To book a Discovery call, you can book here or contact me.
  • What are your appointments & hours?
    Currently, I offer appointments on evenings and weekends. Please contact me regarding any queries about availability.
  • Do you offer discount/promotional codes?
    If you join my mailing list, I will post promotional codes throughout the year. I offer also offer discounts for students, so please get in touch.
  • Do you offer ongoing Coaching for a longer duration?
    Yes! Clients who have completed the 3-month or 4-month package and wish to continue working with me may continue with Coaching sessions on a month-to-month basis or whatever we determine is best to suit yoru needs and goals.
  • Still unsure and have more questions?
    If you would like to speak with me before making a commitment, please reach out. I am happy to offer a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session so we can explore your needs based on the areas of life that you want to focus on and further understand what coaching entails. You can either contact me or book a Discovery Call.
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