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"Rebecca has a great energy and aura about her, which made it easier for me to open up and be honest. I wanted to focus on achieving my goals instead of putting them off. I knew coaching would make me accountable. Rebecca definitely held me accountable with support and ideas to help acknowledge and avoid further boundaries. Would highly recommend her services."




"I can’t thank Rebecca enough, her coaching was transformative! I was feeling incredibly stuck in my life and struggling with my mental health. Rebecca’s coaching sessions were invaluable and have helped me gain confidence and clarity in myself and my life. Not only do I feel and see a huge difference in myself but everyone around me can also see it too."


"Rebecca has an amazing energy and is extremely supportive. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone who wants to achieve their goals or is feeling stuck in their life."




"Talking to Rebecca feels like talking to your best, most non-judgemental friend. She is centering, patient and encouraging. I appreciate the balance of coaching towards a stronger future whilst having the psychology background to support in a therapist capacity. Talking to Rebecca helped me to get perspective on events and relationships and gave me the space and freedom to speak openly out loud without over-thinking things and getting myself in a spin. I always felt better after our calls."



"I can’t begin to describe the impact Rebecca has made on my life. Without her I genuinely don’t know where I would be today.


I came to Rebecca when I was at the lowest point, when things were so unbearable and I couldn’t find a way out myself. I explained the various issues within my life and that I was so overwhelmed, I couldn’t make sense of anything. I explained my story and all my problems to her and we starting splitting them up into different areas, making sense of everything and breaking things down one by one. I felt like a massive weight had been removed instantly, I felt listened to and supported every step of the way! 


Not every life coaching session was the same, I would come with whatever was bothering me on that particular day and Rebecca would adapt and support me through that challenge. She would also remember previous conversations, check in on them and make sure issues were dealt with. Rebecca had such a kind, calming manner - she made me feel so important, like nothing was too much trouble!


I’d like to thank Rebecca from the bottom of my heart, for her kindness, positivity and encouragement. Her life coaching sessions were transformative - she gave me the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to overcome my challenges, implement a new mindset/way of thinking and help me succeed with my goals. I recommend Rebecca to anybody!"



"Rebecca Kimberley is the best coach I’ve worked with. She is very friendly and really shows her genuine empathy, interest and compassion towards you. I feel really listened to and actually understood. I feel really grateful to have a coach who is knowledgeable in mental health and relationships.

"This experience has been so educational and transformative, and has ultimately opened my eyes to great ideas, opportunities and hope. We have worked on various areas in my life which have significantly improved. I am a lot more educated and confident in things I had initially been struggling with, such as romantic relationships, friendships and mental health. My self esteem is overall rising. I am so pleased I decided to take part in this wonderful journey."



"The coaching sessions were transformative. Having a coach helped me with my mental health, business and personal goals. Coaching gave me clarity between the things I thought I wanted and the things I needed along the way. Overall, I was able to achieve my goals and find my own answers through supportive challenging coaching conversations with Rebecca."




"Rebecca was fantastic at helping me understand and break down a lot of conflicting priorities and helped me to see just how much I had going on. I felt listened to and empathised with, and Rebecca really let me guide the sessions with whatever I needed to deal with on that particular day. Rebecca had a very calming manner, and I very quickly felt at ease talking to her. She often remembered things we had talked about in previous sessions, and I really felt supported during the process."


"Rebecca helped me see the benefit of being more realistic with my expectations of myself, and this really helped my confidence. I have achieved a lot since starting my sessions with Rebecca and keeping that momentum despite challenges has helped me get back on track with my goals and improved my confidence in achieving them."


"I’d really like to thank Rebecca for her kindness and warmth, and for helping through a busy and sometimes stressful period."



"Rebecca coached me during a moment of great stress, confusion and emotional pain. Warm, welcoming and non-judgemental as a good friend, but professional and challenging at the same time, Rebecca has helped me to find the resources, the courage and the clarity I needed to turn that difficult moment into a precious lesson that still has a positive effect on my life. She has shown me how to be the pupil and the teacher of myself at the same time. If this is not great coaching, what is then?

Thank you with all my love for your invaluable support, Rebecca!"



"Rebecca has been my coach for the last few months. I would highly recommend her. She has shown great professionalism, empathy and sensitivity while being my coach. If you are looking for an excellent coach who can deal with sensitive topics, Rebecca is the coach for you."



"Working with Rebecca about career goals ended up being much deeper than that. She looked into long-held beliefs that were not serving me and encouraged me to visualise the life I desire, with practical action steps that were person-centred and healing. Rebecca provides such a supportive, safe space, that I truly gained so much insight and growth from this coaching experience."



"I had four coaching sessions with Rebecca and it was a pleasure working with her. She was always friendly and we built a good rapport. I was happy with the pace of the sessions and she gave me plenty of space to think. I got lots of value out of the sessions. Rebecca helped me to explore what's important to me, move past my limiting beliefs and helped me moved towards the outcomes I wanted. I enjoyed working with Rebecca and would recommend her as a coach."



"Rebecca helped me to rationalise my thoughts and figure out how to actually get on with life and get unstuck. Through coaching, she helped provide clarity and actual methods to get to these goals that I have been struggling immensely with. Rebecca listened. She validated my concerns. She made me feel as if this was going to pass and my entire life won't remain like this. She helped and I appreciate that."


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