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'Overcoming...' is a 90-minute 1:1 intensive coaching session to explore one problem area you want to overcome. 

A long-term coaching plan might not be for everyone. Perhaps you have been going back and forth with the same problem for a while and need a short, focused time to identify what's blocking you from where you want to go and take action on your next steps. If you're new to coaching, this is a perfect opportunity to try it out!

A one-off coaching call can help you clarify your thoughts and feelings and allow you to explore what is going on with the help of a psychologically informed coach. This session will allow you to give coaching a try and take one issue you are struggling with and turn it around. It could be about any decision, dilemma, challenge or a change in circumstances that you find yourself spending a lot of time going over in your mind. 

Is there a struggle between work-life balance for you? Are you always thinking about the ‘next’ thing on your to-do list, but it never seems to get done? Have you noticed that you’re not getting the results you want in your life or career over and over again?

During this 90-minute session, you will get: 


  • 1.5 hours (via Zoom) to focus on 1 area you would like to explore in more detail. We will dive deeply into the issue/goal and get clear on what has really been holding you back, how you will overcome that and how you'll move forward.

  • A customised mini-coaching plan with action steps to implement immediately. 

  • A renewed sense of motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration to continue working towards your goal.

  • A 15-minute follow-up call 2 weeks after your session.

What will you be Overcoming...? 

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Your Investment: £125


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"Working with Rebecca about career goals ended up being much deeper than that. She looked into long held beliefs that were not serving me and encouraged me to visualise the life I desire, with practical action steps that were person centred and healing. Rebecca provides such a supportive, safe space, that I truly gained so much insight and growth from this coaching experience."

- Nyah B.



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