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Coaching Packages

A range of options to suit you

"Coaching helps you to take responsibility for your life, let go of what others think and become your true self. It's about you creating the life that you want - and deserve." 

-  Emma-Louise Elsey


Choose What Works for You

Everyone that seeks coaching has different needs and different goals. In coaching, we focus solely on what is important to you. My coaching approach also includes a focus on health and wellbeing to attain and maintain sustainable progress appropriate to your life and the challenges you may be facing. Each of the packages I offer includes work in this area, as well as being customised to your personal situation.


It takes time to manifest impactful change; how long the process takes is dependent on the goal and the person trying to reach it.  In order to accommodate for the varying levels of exploration and commitment, I offer my clients several coaching packages below. 



3 packages. 4 levels of commitment. You choose. 



strategy SESSION

A mini coaching experience. 


This mini coaching experience is a great ‘low-commitment’ option for those who would like to discover the benefits coaching can have in one area of their life. 


If you’re new to coaching or have one thing you need to work through, then this option is for you.

vip coaching experience

A full day of 1:1 coaching, with you as the VIP.


An exclusively impactful day focused on your desires, your progress and your future. In just one memorable day, you could make more progress toward your life goals than you would in months or even years of struggling on your own.


A 3 or 6-month coaching journey for the committed. 


Change happens in steps and lasting change develops over time. Change is also difficult. That’s why this package is recommended to allow the coaching relationship to develop, track your progress and see changes in your life gradually. 

What does Coaching entail?

Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs & Mind Clutter

First, we will identify the things in your life that are currently holding you back. You know, the make you doubtful, stuck or confused.


We investigate your limiting self-beliefs and gain clarity on the impact they are having on your life right now. 

Define What Your Ideal Life Should Look Like

During the second part of our call, we'll explore how you can transform your limiting self-beliefs into something valuable. We will unravel the confusion and seek clarity by defining what’s true for you. You'll learn how to recognise and create opportunities for your newly designed lifestyle.


Create Action By Setting Your Authentic Goals

Finally, we will work together to set the pace for continuous growth as you move towards a space of improved wellbeing and confidence.


You will confidently take action towards being more committed, by setting regular habits in place.  

What next?

If we haven't already had an introductory phone call, your first step is to set up a time for us to have a 30-minute complimentary conversation. You can do that here.
Once we have decided to work together, you will be sent a unique link to purchase your package. I will send you a customised Welcome Pack with detailed questionnaires to support you in starting your coaching journey.


We get started on your Coaching journey and the power of transformative change is in your hands. 



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