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Rebecca Kimberley

Hey, I'm Rebecca Kimberley, I specialise in individual coaching, particularly in the areas of confidence, low self-esteem and mental health recovery coaching. My clients come to me to redefine their confidence and make lasting changes to live meaningfully and purposefully.



I am also a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner working within the NHS, helping people to overcome their challenges with depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and many other issues.​            





"I got tired of watching others effortlessly go for what I'd been secretly desiring and planning for."


I’ve been suffering for many years with depression, social anxiety and low self-esteem. After having several transformative courses of therapy and medication, I explored the triggers of my mental health issues and what had been maintaining them. But I longed for an active, progressive approach to deal with the problems that might have cost me many more years of my life if I didn’t focus on them when I did. I got tired of watching others effortlessly go for what I’d been secretly desiring and planning for. I got tired of wasting money and time looking for shortcuts.

I became intrigued by coaching and its innovative and positive approach to healing, so I decided to become a coach. The year I spent training to become a coach was a wonderful journey of self-exploration and discovery. Since then, everything has been changing. I have been taking better care of my mental and physical health. I’m better able to recognise what fulfils me vs. what drains me of my resources. I started to push myself towards contentment with the right dose of tough love and determination. I've started saying yes to new opportunities, even if it terrifies me. 

Of course, I still experience depression and anxiety and I’m finding ways to live meaningfully and purposefully despite it. I continue to push myself. I still get terrified before public speaking, but each time feels better than the last. Every day, I am more equipped with the right tools and techniques to help me overcome any ‘challenge’ that comes my way and I have made it my mission to do the same for others!


"I got tired of wasting money and time looking for shortcuts."



My motivation is simple: to use my professional expertise and lived experience of suicidal depression, social anxiety and confidence issues to inspire, encourage and enable both women and men to get to know themselves again, redefine and rebuild their confidence, promote their personal growth and reach their full potential.

I offer my clients the quality time and space to reflect on themselves, have more effective conversations about their wellbeing, feel confident in managing their mental health, and ultimately live meaningfully and purposefully. I use a variety of evidence-based techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Coaching theories to help them increase self-awareness and achieve their goals.



Redefining Confidence & Wellbeing

Whether your goal is to improve your confidence and self-esteem or mental wellbeing, I believe it’s important to first redefine your own definition of what that means for you. A lot of stress can come from living up to the expectations of what other people’s definitions of confidence and wellbeing are. Not everyone’s definition of confidence is performing to a crowd of people and not everybody’s definition of optimal wellbeing includes downing a kale and quinoa smoothie before a 5 am Yoga class. 



"The year I spent training to become a Coach was a wonderful journey of self-exploration and discovery."




My clients are tired of…

  • Saying yes to others and saying no to themselves.

  • Struggling to identify who they really are and what they’re doing it all for.

  • Silencing their voice, invalidating their perspective and diminishing their power.

  • Chasing an external idea of what their own confidence and wellbeing should look like.


My clients are ready to...

  • Identify their values and strengths.

  • Understand their own habits in an attempt to rectify and change them.

  • Endure the process of getting to know oneself deeply and non-judgmentally. 

  • Redefine what Confidence and Wellbeing mean for them and live in accordance with that. 

Are You?

About My

Qualifications & Memberships

  • I'm a member and graduate of The Coaching Academy and qualified with a Distinction as a Personal Performance Coach

  • I also have 3 Degrees:

    • A First Class Honours in BSc Clinical Psychology, and 2 postgraduate degrees:

    • A PG Cert focusing on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy interventions and 

    • An MSc from Kings College’s Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, specialising in Depression, Bipolar and Anxiety disorders.

  • I am a qualified Mental First Aider.

  • I am a graduate member of the British Psychological Society.

  • I am fully compliant with the Coach's Code of Ethics.

  • I continue to work on my personal and professional development through various educational sources.